Aviva Ajmera

Chief Operating Officer

Aviva is our co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer. She is our task master who has a deep emotional connection with Excel and PowerPoint. She’s a visionary who can turn a marketing report and a SWOT analysis into a roadmap for a company’s future.

After almost 25 years of leading strategy creation and implementation, new product development, brand management, consumer marketing and organization re-design, there’s no marketing problem Aviva hasn’t SoLVEd.

Prior to SoLVE, Aviva was a partner with The Partnering Group and worked for Accenture. She’s consulted for blue chip companies including Nestle, Post, Sara Lee, Kimberly Clark, LG Electronics, Bauer Hockey, Creative Converting, 3M, Northwest Airlines and Fingerhut.

Before her consulting years, she was a senior leader at Hallmark Cards, in many areas including Product Development, Innovation, Retail, Corporate Strategy, and Customer Strategy, and Business Transformation. She launched, grew and re-invented iconic marketplace programs partnering with many brands and retailers, like Disney, Starbucks, The Komen Foundation, Walmart, Walgreens.

Aviva’s been on both the consulting side and the client side of the relationship. This gives her a unique perspective on working with our clients.

“It’s about helping our clients in a way that’s relevant to them. We don’t have a cookie cutter approach. We roll up our sleeves, partner, coach, teach and work alongside our Clients. I’ve been the client and I’ve been the consultant. I know what feels good as a client and I know what feels bad. I want our clients to feel great about working with SoLVE.”

Aviva is an accredited Angel Investor and the Chair of the executive committee of the Women’s Capital Connection. She is long time member of the Central Exchange and is the Upper School Division Chair of the Executive Council for Pembroke Hill School. Aviva is also a senior advisor to the Greater Kansas City chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professionals and a Board Member of TomboyX.