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Embarking upon our strategic plan required the artful combination of both heart and rigor. Informing our process was the inclusion, collaboration and insights from varied constituents. Thanks to the guidance of Aviva and Teddi, who brought energy, heart and rigor, we have a clear path forward to make an audacious impact.

  • Bernard Huff, Owner and CEO
  • Hantover, Inc.


Aviva and Teddi bring energy, focus and ideas to the table. They listen well and they hand out homework with clarity.  Without a marketing constituent internal to our firm, we had much to consider, create and implement.  Aviva and Teddi helped us with each aspect in an organized fashion such that we could accomplish a significant task in small portions. We had tough decisions to make along the way and they each contributed valuable guidance in our round table discussions with the intent of helping us improve and solve our strategic initiative. Their dedicated time and efforts provided us with a concise road map to follow for the future.

  • Mindy Corporon, CEO
  • Boyer & Corporon Wealth Management, LLC

SoLVE KC helped our organization create a strategic plan that we built together, own and understand how to implement. To do, so they spent significant time with our leadership, Board of Directors, staff and key community leaders and influencers. SoLVE KC helped us create an enhanced vision & mission. They navigated and cut through our red tape. They encouraged our ambition while ensuring we would hold ourselves accountable for the work to be done. We are a better organization for their talents.

  • Dan Carroll, Board Chair
  • Community LINC

I had the pleasure of working on a strategic planning team led by Aviva. I can’t say enough good things about her leadership throughout the entire process. Aviva was organized, thorough, clear/concise, strategic and tactical as needed, task and results oriented, guided the work appropriately and all of this ultimately ended in the creation of a strong multi year plan for the organization/board that I currently serve as board chair. Thanks Aviva for helping us to reshape/redefine our future along with plans for getting there.

  • Debbie Ballard

SoLVE KC is a great strategic partner. Teddi and Aviva bring expertise, energy, and passion to their work. They truly know how to connect us with the right people and generate leads for our business.

  • Michelle Webb, Owner
  • TW Sportswear

SoLVE’s expertise in consumer marketing and acquisition helped me launch and grow my yoga studio, Home Holistic, in a highly competitive market.
I’ve worked 1:1 with SoLVE as well as attended their small business owner SoLVE IT workshops. I appreciate their ability to understand the challenges of running and growing a small business. They were not only useful to start my business, but also have helped me grow my business in a very personalized and unique way. The SoLVE team is generous with their time and their support for me has been invaluable. They are highly responsive and focused on helping me grow my business.

  • Ashley Walburn, Owner
  • Home Holistic