Strategic Planning

  • The process as built by SoLVE KC was exactly the structure we needed for what we were hoping to accomplish in our strategic planning.  The magic came, though, from the way Aviva facilitated the entire process from our initial planning conversations through the completion of the implementation plan, doing so in a way that allowed her process to be executed in a way that felt like us.
    Nadia Geigler
    CEO, Admiral at the Lake
  • Through our work with Solve KC, the conversations within our team went to a level they had never been at before. The strategies, tactics and accountabilities we developed through the process, give us growth opportunities we are very excited about. It was great to have a partner on our side to moderate and help us get our strategic plan off the ground. We felt an immediate shift in our company’s culture and communication.
    Daniel Grammatikos
    CFO, Kocher + Beck USA
  • Aviva led the Central Exchange strategic planning team comprised of board members and key stakeholders in our membership through an extensive strategic planning process. All participants were impressed with her approach to keeping the process on track, relevant to the challenges we hoped to solve, and ensuring everyone had a voice. The SoLVE KC methodology is best practice and the result was a comprehensive strategic and implementation plan that will set the course for CX for the next several years.
    CiCi Rojas
    President, Tico Productions/Tico Sports
  • SnapIT has had rapid growth in the last 5 years. We’ve added employees and capabilities and were in need of a focused dialogue regarding our strategic plan. Solve listened to our needs, understood our trajectory and guided us through laser sharp workshops to get my leadership aligned on our vision, goals, priorities and accountabilities. With Solve's help and guidance we had many productive sessions that set tone for the upcoming year as well as the next few years to follow.
    Neelima Parasker
    CEO, Snap IT Solutions
  • Although our company had been successfully growing year upon year, we realized that we needed to put a strategic plan in place. Enabling us to continue the growth and success of the company, and at the same time establish a clear and defined roadmap for the whole organization. SoLVE KC and Aviva Ajmera came highly recommended through members of a Kansas City Peer group, and after talking with Aviva in depth as well as several business leaders that had worked with SoLVE KC, it soon became clear that SoLVE KC was the ideal partner for Kocher + Beck. Aviva immediately got to work getting to know us in depth as a company, as well as the individual strategic team members. She led us through the entire process, guiding, advising and at times challenging us, so that we not only created a plan we could be proud of, but just as importantly implement a complete process that we can continue to use going forward.
    David Morris
    CEO, Kocher + Beck USA
  • Anyone interested in producing a serious strategic plan that will provide a roadmap to their future as they determine it, one that is honest in its process and useful in its purpose, one that is accomplished with integrity and requires an intensive work ethic and is not afraid of honest analysis so long as it points to their highest aspirations, I would recommend you consider SoLVE KC and Aviva Ajmera.
    Jeffrey J. Bentley
    Executive Director, Kansas City Ballet
  • Embarking upon our strategic plan required the artful combination of both heart and rigor. Informing our process was the inclusion, collaboration and insights from varied constituents. Thanks to the guidance of Aviva, who brought energy, heart and rigor, we have a clear path forward to make an audacious impact.  
    Bernard Huff
    Owner and CEO, Hantover, Inc.
  • SoLVE KC provided a whole new level of strategic planning and thinking to reStart! They have a very strong process that really helps your organization and team to dive very deep into who you really are, where you really want to go and then build a solid plan to get there! SoLVE KC is a very collaborative, they were not just a consultant, they were part of the reStart team. Their level of investment in our plan and process had a positive impact on the level of commitment and investment from our team. Though the work was challenging, SoLVE KC came to the table everyday with the energy and enthusiasm to get the team motivated and to see the big picture plan and possibilities of impact for reStart! As the CEO, I really felt like I could be involved in the process and think big with my team. I knew I could count on SoLVE KC to lead the process. They really understood what we wanted to accomplish and gave 110% every time!
    Stephanie Boyer
    CEO, reStart
  • SoLVE KC helped our organization create a strategic plan that we built together, own and understand how to implement. To do, so they spent significant time with our leadership, Board of Directors, staff and key community leaders and influencers. SoLVE KC helped us create an enhanced vision & mission. They navigated and cut through our red tape. They encouraged our ambition while ensuring we would hold ourselves accountable for the work to be done. We are a better organization for their talents.
    Dan Carroll
    Board Chair, Community LINC, CEO, Founder, AdPredictive
  • I had the pleasure of working on a strategic planning team led by Aviva. I can't say enough good things about her leadership throughout the entire process. Aviva was organized, thorough, clear/concise, strategic and tactical as needed, task and results oriented, guided the work appropriately and all of this ultimately ended in the creation of a strong multi year plan for the organization/board that I currently serve as board chair. Thanks Aviva for helping us to reshape/redefine our future along with plans for getting there.
    Debbie Ballard
    Board Chair Central Exchange, President & Executive Director, Spirit Foundation

Board of Directors

  • Pete's Garden worked with Aviva to plan and facilitate our first ever Board retreat and I am so glad we did!  Aviva's breadth of experience leading strategic discussions and her insight and ability to expose and illuminate important issues was especially critical for Pete's Garden, as a startup nonprofit.  Our retreat was so much more productive with Aviva leading.  I expect we will continue to work with Aviva as we plan for organizational and operational growth in the years ahead.
    Tamara Weber
    Executive Director, Pete’s Garden
  • I learned about SoLVE KC from a colleague and invited Aviva to work with my board of directors at our annual retreat. We were a couple of years into our existing strategic plan and were accomplishing our strategic priorities, so I wanted the board to start thinking about what was next. Aviva led the board in an engaging and collaborative workshop that resulted in a clear direction and an action plan. She was organized, clear, and tactical in her approach and the resultant interaction and conversation was robust. Management and the board left that day saying it was one of the best retreats we have had. Thank you, Aviva and SoLVE KC!
    Bruce Jones
    CEO, LCPS Management, Inc.
  • Aviva worked her magic with the board to refine our historical mission statement that many of the board members struggled with, including both the meaning and reciting.  The result was a well-crafted revised mission statement that truly defines ACG and simply rolls off the tongue. I recall feeling awe struck that a 19 member board could arrive at consensus around a 13 word mission statement so efficiently.
    Bill Conway
    Chair, Board of Directors ACG, Managing Director, CC Capital Investors
  • Aviva came down to facilitate a workshop with my board of directors and they all raved about the experience! Aviva is excellent, well-organized and does and amazing job.
    Bruce Jones
    CEO, LCPS Management, Inc.
  • Aviva was more than a consultant for reStart. From day one, she lead our team with compassion and resilience through a journey of transformation. Along the way, she became our friends and a genuine advocate for our mission.
    Susan Schaffer
    Chair, Board of Directors, Vice President, JE Dunn Construction

Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan

  • Aviva brings energy, focus and ideas to the table. She listens well and they hand out homework with clarity. Without a marketing constituent internal to our firm, we had much to consider, create and implement. SoLVE KC helped us with each aspect in an organized fashion such that we could accomplish a significant task in small portions. We had tough decisions to make along the way and they each contributed valuable guidance in our round table discussions with the intent of helping us improve and solve our strategic initiative. Their dedicated time and efforts provided us with a concise road map to follow for the future.
    Mindy Corporon
    CEO, Boyer & Corporon Wealth Management, LLC
  • SoLVE KC is a great strategic partner. Aviva bring expertise, energy, and passion to her work. She truly knows how to connect us with the right people and generate leads for our business.
    Michelle Webb
    Owner, TW Sportswear
  • SoLVE KC’s expertise in consumer marketing and acquisition helped me launch and grow my yoga studio, Home Holistic, in a highly competitive market. I’ve worked 1:1 with SoLVE KC as well as attended their small business owner SoLVE IT! workshops. I appreciate their ability to understand the challenges of running and growing a small business. They were not only useful to start my business, but also have helped me grow my business in a very personalized and unique way. The SoLVE KC team is generous with their time and their support for me has been invaluable. They are highly responsive and focused on helping me grow my business.
    Ashley Walburn
    Owner, Home Holistic

Work Process Design and Organizational Design & Effectiveness

  • Our company has experienced phenomenal growth and we needed to re-evaluate our Marketing structure to help maximize and support that growth. We decided to bring in some outside expertise to facilitate our evaluation and restructuring process. Aviva from SoLVE KC led us through workshops that challenged us to think strategically about the Marketing functions and organization. And challenge us she did – in a good way! Her leadership, facilitation and insights were invaluable to the process and we could not have accomplished what we did without her. We were so pleased with the outcome that we have also engaged SoLVE KC to help us roll out the plan. Aviva's work will no doubt have long-lasting and powerful impact on our company’s success.
    Nancy Whitworth
    SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Chief People Officer, McCownGordon Construction

Marketplace Assessment and Client feedback

  • SoLVE KC is the point of the spear when it comes to gaining in-depth market analysis. If you want to really know how your business is doing, engage Aviva. There are a myriad of ways you can gain 360º feedback from the marketplace but SoLVE KC takes the time to understand your business’ core values, strategic direction and target market. Aviva can then probe with exacting questions that leave the user feeling appreciated for being asked while bringing back critically important data and achievable goals to the brain trust of our organization. It was a great reset for our business. SoLVE KC is the real deal.
    Brian Johanning​
    Vice President of Business Development, Superior Bowen

Competitive Analysis - Consumer Research & Insights

  • We needed additional knowledge and skills within our group that SoLVE was able to initially provide and then trained our staff in the areas where we had gaps. They rolled up their sleeves and worked side-by-side with our team to effectively jumpstart an entirely new product within a VERY aggressive project timeline. “SoLVE” is a very good name for this energetic, ambitious group!
    Hilary Philgren
    COO, Hantover, Inc.

Mission and Vision Workshop

  • Working with the SolveKC team was great because they took the time to understand who we are and how we are different. They asked us the right questions, but also helped guide us to answers that fit our identity. With their expertise, we now have a new Mission and Vision statement that will help guide the work we do for KC.
    Scott Hall
    Sr. Vice President, Civic and Community Initiatives at Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce