Failure can be a tough, but effective, teacher. One thing is certain: All of us will face failure at some point in our careers, including the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Those who accept this tend to be more willing to take bold risks that may or may not lead to the results they were hoping for, knowing that the lessons that come from the experience (no matter the outcome) can make them stronger, better leaders.

When leaders recognize the learning benefits they can gain even in failure, they can project a sense of confidence and comfort that allows their team members to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit as well. Below, 13 members of Business Journals Leadership Trust each share a story about a time that they failed and the lesson they learned from the experience.

9. Not every project is right for your business.

Not getting a client project you thought you wanted is never easy! It’s a little ping to your ego. However, in retrospect, what I have learned is that the reason is not usually personal. The “no” can be about lack of “fit” — with our methodology, the cost or even internal politics. Some of this we can adjust, and some is out of our hands. I have peace knowing that it’s not that I “failed”; it simply was not a “good fit.” – Aviva Ajmera, SoLVE KC