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December 2022

Here’s what to do when customers can’t afford your offerings

“I can’t afford your product or services.” When a client tells you this, it’s worth investigating why. Even if your offerings…

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14 mistakes to avoid when implementing new revenue streams

Pursuing a new revenue stream can help businesses boost resilience, attract new customers and increase sales. However, if not considered and…

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10 effective ways for business leaders to build their personal reputations

People don’t do business with companies; they do business with other people. In today’s 24/7, hyperconnected world, business owners and leaders…

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15 ways to celebrate the end of the year (and prep for the new year)

For many business leaders and their teams, the end of the calendar year signals the turning of a page. It’s an…

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8 strategies to regain order after chaotic times in your business

A business challenge can cause chaos throughout an office, requiring all hands on deck and a sense of urgency. Employees from…

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Want to exude more confidence? Try these 7 strategies for an instant boost

Confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone. However, exuding the right amount of confidence can land you your dream job, a business…

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