“I can’t afford your product or services.”

When a client tells you this, it’s worth investigating why. Even if your offerings are needed in the market, they may not always be accessible — or at least be perceived as accessible — to your target audience.

If your prospective clients cite budget as a concern, you may not be sure where to turn next. Below, 12 members of Business Journals Leadership Trust offer their best advice for what to do when customers say they can’t afford your offerings.

6. Scale down or follow up later.

Ask them what they can afford and create an option that fits within their budget. It may be a scaled-down version of your ideal offering or a “Phase 1” offering. Also, ask them about their top pain point or top goal. If your offering can address either of these, illustrate how you can help them alleviate or achieve this. It’s also okay to agree now is not the best time and to follow up in three to six months. – Aviva AjmeraSoLVE KC