A business challenge can cause chaos throughout an office, requiring all hands on deck and a sense of urgency. Employees from all departments may be enlisted to help and job responsibilities may be shifted or altered to overcome the issue. However, in its wake, a conquered challenge can leave behind a business struggling to return to normalcy and regain order.

The successful leaders of Business Journals Leadership Trust have been affected by plenty of chaotic business challenges during their careers. Below, they share eight methods they’ve used to regain order within their business to get things back on track.

1. Celebrate and reflect.

First, celebrate your success! It’s important to pause and feel a sense of pride in your accomplishment. Then, debrief: What did you learn? What did you do well? What would you do differently next time? How could you have proactively seen something coming? Then, plan for the future, knowing you and your team can handle tough challenges when working together! – Aviva AjmeraSoLVE KC