Everyone feels overwhelmed and burned out at one point or another. Whether it’s due to work, personal life or a combination of both, feeling discouraged and unmotivated can be challenging, especially for leaders who are expected to be “on” every day, despite the myriad plates they’re regularly juggling.

While occasionally feeling enervated and uninspired may be an inevitable part of life, you don’t have to feel trapped by those feelings. Timely strategies and self-care can help you remember your passion and your “why.” Here, 16 members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share the reliable methods they turn to when they need to recharge their passion and motivation.

3. Use your brain in a different way.

Ideally, time permitting, I do something physical — go for a run, take a yoga class or go for a walk. If I have more time, I do something creative or social — anything that allows me to take a break from the mental weight and use my brain in a different way. If I am at the office and need a quick break, I will switch to another task, such as organizing something or chatting with someone. – Aviva Ajmera, SoLVE KC