In the past, politics and social issues were considered “taboo” topics for businesses. However, consumers today often prefer to do business with companies they can make a genuine connection with. Many welcome — and may even come to expect — statements from their favorite brands regarding current events, especially in today’s climate.

Since many brands have been weighing in on social issues recently, we asked the members of Business Journals Leadership Trust what an organization should keep in mind when making political and/or social commentary. Consider their advice before taking a public stance.

16. Share a bit of your personality instead.

There are many ways to connect with consumers that do not involve political or social commentary. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think these topics are polarizing, and you risk alienating customers when sharing your personal opinions on politics or social issues. Instead, share your hobbies, your passion for sports teams, places you love to visit, things you do with your family, etc. – Aviva AjmeraSoLVE KC