These days, marketing and branding pundits agree that almost every business needs some kind of social media presence to succeed. It makes particular sense for small businesses — social media is easily accessible, affordable and has great reach.

Still, many new and smaller businesses may struggle to leverage it effectively, and a poorly executed social media strategy could be worse than none at all. Below, 14 members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share a few smart social media practices that can help small businesses reach their target audiences and effectively build their brands.

9. Keep it consistent, but simple.

Showcase your product or service, your employees and your clients. Build a monthly calendar and post three to five times a week. Have your employees like, comment on and share your posts. Follow all of your clients’ social media accounts and support them by liking and commenting. Create a company expectation that social media does not need to be complicated — posts simply need to have relevant and authentic content, supported by engagement. – Aviva Ajmera, SoLVE KC