Developing the best possible customer service is an essential step for every business to take, and being specific about how you want to serve your clients or customers can lead to a better plan of action. In today’s global market, having a people-centric culture is essential for success — your patrons simply have too many other options to stick around if you aren’t providing the experience they’re looking for.

When you’re developing and refining your client or customer service systems, putting yourself in your customers’ shoes is a great place to start; another smart step is turning to the advice of seasoned industry experts. Here, 14 members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share the points of excellence they focus on for delivering outstanding service to their clients and customers and why these details are so important.

1. Be clear about mutual expectations from the start.

When we start work with a new client, we are explicit about what they can expect and what we expect. Together, we develop a list that details “how we will work together.” We work with large teams, so many of those details surround regular communication so everyone is aligned as we progress. We touch base on this list along the way to ensure it’s all working, and if not, we adjust. The key is to continually communicate. – Aviva Ajmera, SoLVE KC