Failure is part of life and comes with the territory in any professional journey. However, it can have farther-reaching impacts for a leader — both bad and good.

Rather than seeing every failure as a catastrophic event, look for ways to learn and grow from it. To that end, we interviewed a panel of experts from Business Journals Leadership Trust on specific, practical ways to find opportunity in failure. Here’s what they shared.

15. Evaluate what you could have done differently.

Have the courage to ask, “What could I have done differently?” It feels very vulnerable to ask, but I have always found a client’s point of view to be enlightening and a good lesson for future clients/projects. Ask, “When did things begin to go off track?” Thank them for their feedback, and always try to end the conversation on good terms, even though you may be frustrated with them at the moment! – Aviva AjmeraSoLVE KC

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